OLED 128x64 - Print a float

I have a DS18s20 temperature sensor which gives a 2 decimal place float as an output. Something like 21.95.

Can you give me a code example of how to print it to the screen? I keep getting a type conversion error

Invalid conversion from Char to unsigned char.

I am printing to the screen fine.

Also, can you give me an example of how to print a string variable.

This is fine…
unsigned char fill_string5a[]=“00.00”;

But if i do something like.
String stTemp = ltoa(temperature, buffer, 10);

I get invalid conversion from string to unsigned char.

I am using Arduino 1.0.3

thanks in advance…


float fill_string5a;


Am i using the wrong library? Can i use the seeedoled one?

i only have


This was listed in the grove instructions.

Yes , you could use SeeedOLED libraries.
SeeedOLED.zip (19.8 KB)

That works great! thankyou…

Enjou yourself.