OLED 128X64 Display and update date, time variables

OLED 128X64 Displays weather variables OK, but trying to scroll date time on line 7 does not seem to show accurate date, time. Prints to monitor OK as “Sat Oct 17 2020 13:58:34” using: Serial.printf(ctime(&time));

I need help with OLED syntax to display date as above: My Code Snippet:
SeeedOled.setTextXY(7, 0);//scroll data on line 7
SeeedOled.putString (ctime(&time));
Thank you

Can’t your code display? Is there something abnormal showing ?

oled displays list of variables correctly, but on line 7 the scrolling text does not show full date, only the year and the time. The monitor displays correct date and time.

On the Monitor, date, time is OK:
Serial.printf(ctime(&time)); //e.g. Sat Oct 17 13:58:34 2020.

Need to display same on 128 x 64 OLED, but not sure of syntax to capture and to display the string:

The software library on the wiki has been abandoned and we are updating the Wiki today to use the latest software library. Thank you for your feedback. @GUARDINEER