Old grove LCD screens and the new IDE

I was wondering if there is any way to make use of the old Grove - Serial LCD items.

I can #include <SerialLCD.h>, but when I try to SerialLCD slcd(1,2);, the IDE has a major problem with it (error: ‘SerialLCD’ does not name a type). This is from the documentation on the existing wiki regarding these screens. Something definitely changed, but I can’t find new documentation, or any documentation relevant to this.

Thanks in advance!

Errors like that may due to the wrong path of libraries, please check that you have put the libraries in a right path.


I’m not sure that the path of the library is incorrect. It’s actually part of the IDE installation. I did not need to include any special ones. I can include the library. If I check #include <ehtrpoeroghaeproghaerg.w>, there would be a problem. #include <SerialLCD.h> it works. I had the old versions of the grove LCD screens working previously, but the old code no longer works. SerialLCD slcd(1,2); generates an error.