Official Payment via bank account of our company

Hello friends, could we pay via our bank account, not via credit card like visa or master card or paypal. We need it for custom/

Products can be purchased on our official website:

All payment methods displayed on the order interface are supported by us. If the payment page does not use paypal, it means that it is not supported.

Hello Citric, thank you for your answer.
Does it mean, that we can not ask you to give us your
Beneficiary, A/C Number, Beneficiary address, Bank name, Bank’s address, Bank SWIFT CODE, Beneficiary country to pay via bank not via card?

Hello, this problem is beyond the scope that I can solve. You can send an email to to consult our customer service.

Hi OlegMor,

If you mean can you pay via wire transfer, yes, you can. This is supported on the website directly. When you go to the checkout, there will be an option for payment via bank transfer for orders over $500 (excluding shipping). There you can download our bank details and payment instructions.

Hope that helps!