ODYSSEY X86J4125864 v2 40 Pin GPIO Control

I recently bought ODYSSEY X86J4125864 v2 device. I will do a few things about network control through this, I will also use the GPIO pins and control the LEDs I will connect.
I encountered a situation like this. I installed Ubuntu 22.04 yesterday, “echo 337 > export” was not working as described on the web page. I thought it might be due to a kernel change and installed 20.04 LTS today, but it did not help.
echo 338 > The error it gives when I do the export operation is as follows:

“-bash: echo: write error: Invalid argument”

sys/class/gpio folder structure

It looks like. I only need to control 2-3 pieces of 1.5V LEDs. Can you help me on how to do it? It seems that the new cards are not supported. Unfortunately, what worked in older versions does not work now.


The problem with “-bash: echo: write error: Invalid argument” is because the GPIO pin numbering in Ubuntu 20.04 is not consistent with that of 18.04 (as provided on the Wiki), and you need to change the numbering of your GPIO numbering.

e.g. The original Linux GPIO 337 should become Linux GPIO 849.

Due to the bi-directional level shifters on the Odyssey’s GPIO pins, they should not be used with more than 1mA of current. Therefore, the pin current is too low to drive the LED directly. Sorry for the inconvenience!