ODYSSEY - X86J4105800 - Intel NIC Drivers for Server 2019?

First, great little board! Congratulations!

Im trying to use Windows 2019 server on the ODYSSEY - X86J4105800, and overall it works well, but no matter what I try, I cannot get any drivers to install for the NIC’s (and a slew of unknown devices).

I tried the Windows 10 Intel NIC drivers in the Wiki, but the setup insists that there are no Intel NICs in the system, so it refuses to install the drivers.

I extracted the NIC driver exe and tried to install manually, and that didnt work either - keeps saying it cant find the hardware.

Are there any other drivers? There are no reason the Windows 10 drivers wouldnt work on 2019, for the most part - 10 drivers work on 2019.

** Update ** - I Managed to get them installed manually by selecting the model from the manual list. Still have a few devices devices with errors, but nothing Ill be using right now… Would be nice to get all of the devices to green though - Any chance for a driver set for Windows Server 2019?

Hi @Robotica72

From my udnerstanding, isn’t it the windows server have the same driver as the windows?

Hi @Robotica72 @ansonhe97 Odyssey NIC card PN is Intel I211, this chip is not supported by Windows Server system. As I know, somebody modify the driver and it is worked.

Overall, yes - there are a few that may be slightly different…

@Bruce.Qin - The Chip works fine in Windows 2019, I used the Windows 10 drivers from the Wiki without any modifications to any files. It was just a matter of needing to manually install them rather than use the executable.

:joy:do you have any suggestion of the NIC?Such as another chip?

You can just manually install the driver in device manager and selecting “allow me to select the device” - then just browse to the folder with the drivers. I did extract the archive using Winrar so I had access to the drivers.

@Robotica72 Thanks to share your experiences.

:slight_smile: Happy to … I did mange to get all drivers on it running Windows 2019 Server - so Im pretty happy, now if I can just get an M.2 to PCIe adapter working, Ill be really happy :slight_smile:

:smile: Will be soon…