ODYSSEY - X86J4105800 crash randomly

Hi, We bought a ODYSSEY-X86J4105800 and installed Ubuntu 20.04 onto it. The OS is crash randomly. We caught an error report with the following: ubuntu 20.04 bad page map in process sandbox forked As we found it could belong to memory problems. Could you offer a test software what we can run and check the memory’s condition? Thanks for your support! BR, Cz

@Cz75 You can download memtest86 software test the memory.

Was very excited to receive the new Blue Odyssey 128 GB NvMe version and my joy short lived. Win10 showed random blue screen of death issues. Decided to flash the the re-install Windows with a USB. That also failed with blue screen. Tried installing latest Ubuntu, which ended with SQUASHFS errors, prompting me to do a memory test which showed more than 10k errors and the test failed. Please see the screenshot attached.

Clearly, this seem to be a hardware issue. Can you please help suggest the process to replace a new copy please?