Odyssey - X86J4105 usable with PFSense?


I got the email today about the ODYSSEY - X86J4105… And I’ve been looking for something small form factor like this to get into experimenting with PFSense to build my own router. Any chance you guys already know if the ethernet ports/hardware built into this is compatible with PFSense? :slight_smile:

If so I could see this being a perfect router replacement for my aging WNDR3700 running DD-WRT. With the addition of the built-in GPIO ports, I could also use it to trigger the Digital Loggers IoT Power Relay I have hooked to my questionable Linksys Wireless AP whenever needed. :slight_smile:

Anyway sounds like a wicked cool board for experimenting and making all kinds of cool crazy projects. If anyone knows anything regarding PFSense with this board I’d love to hear your thoughts. :slight_smile:


I plan the same thing. I purchased mine in Feb. I think they are waiting for the case before they fill the order. Update if you order and get it running. I’ll do the same.


I installed pfsense on mine just this morning. Took less than 5 min to get up and running.


@la10see Can you share the documentation that you follow using reference?