ODYSSEY X86J4105 no video output

Received my ODYSSEY X86J4105 and connected the power supply, HDMI and USB keyboard but get no video signal after pressing the power button. Blue led is on, fan is off. Already swapped HDMI cables and monitors. Other devices are working with the cables and monitors.
Also tried to use USB-C with PD and connected monitor without success.

Any recommendation to debug this or the device broken?

Do you have any unusual videos? Let us check it for you.

Pls connect the monitor to Odyssey HDMI port directly then reboot again. Some USB-C hub can not support PD supply and HDMI work at the same time.
ANKER A8383 hub worked under ours test.

what do you mean with unusual video? I have no video signal output on HDMI or USB-C Display with PD

already tried without success(either HDMI and normal power supply or USB-C Adapter. not both at the same time)

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Which OS did you installed?
Pls make more try like this:
Connect HDMI to the board,reboot then press delete, check if the BIOS setting screen will showed.

Windows 10(preinstalled)
HDMI, Keyboard and power supply connected. Still no video signal.
Pressing Delete oder F7 does not make any difference.

@ansonhe97 Help to sent back.

Hi @bios

Sorry for causing any issue caused! Our aftersales team will contact you for dealing with this!

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@ansonhe97 I ordered 4 X86J4125 and have exactly this problem on one of them. 3 of them work, but 1 has no video at all. I haven’t installed anything on it, it was like this from the first bootup.

You can remove all of the power, wait a minutes then power angain for check if it’s worked.

Thanks for your response. I have done that a few times. I just did it again, now, and there is no video output on that unit, but the power LED is on.

Ok, Pls contack the support to return.

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Is there a fix for no video I have one that was working and lost video.

I had a long discussion with support. Unfortunately without a solution. Finally, I opened a ticket in paypal, sent the package back to china at my expense and got my money back from paypal. After this action, I ordered another device, but not through the seeed shop, but from amazon. This unit also arrived defective and went back to amazon. The second replacement device from amazon was error-free.

This unit mostly sat unused. I think this will be my last Seeed Studio product. I have another that has a bum fan controller that pushes pfsense.