Odyssey X86J4105 Hangs on login and frequently when working

Hi - I have trouble with the system freezing regularly. I frequently get to the login prompt on Ubuntu and it freezes when I submit the pass. Often, when I am logged in the peripherals all stop working and I need to do a hard reset to get a response. I cannot even SSH onto the box in these moments. I have swapped peripherals (keyboard/mouse/hdmi connectors) and it happens across different OSes. I installed CentOS (my usual OS) after Windows kept hanging. The same thing happened and now I am trying Ubuntu 20.04 and seeing the same thing. Is there a firmware update I need to apply? I do not want to spend more on another SSD (it is the ‘blue’ package and came with an SSD of 128GB) if the error is not to do with the SSD stick.