ODYSSEY-X86J4105 FAN Control is broken after BIOS update

I have ODYSSEY-X86J4105 in re_computer case.

I received it with BIOS version SD-BS-CJ41G-M-101-E 01/07/2020 and unknown EC Firmware (did not know how to find it).

After update BIOS and EC Firmware to the current versions (SD-BS-CJ41G-M-101-G 08/31/2020 and SD-EC-CJ41G-M-101-C 08/31/2020) FAN Control became broken:

  1. “Always On” mode sometimes works, sometimes does not – fan just does not start spinning after powering on.

I have found some workaround: when fan does not start spinning – I go to the BIOS -> Advanced -> H/W Monitor and after that fan starts spinning!

  1. “Normal” mode completely unusable: when OS (any OS) starts loading – fan begins spinning at constant max speed with unbearable noise!

So the question is – where I can download previous BIOS and EC Firmware versions?

Please make them available for downloading.

Yes,this is konwn issue, the new BIOS is under testing. We will release later.

@Bruce.Qin so should we upgrade to the new Bios or not?

We have release a new EC and BIOS firmware.

Be aware… Updating the BIOS is living the Odyssey unable to boot… Please be very careful with this… Can loss your device