Odyssey X86J4105 does not power on anymore

I bought an Odyssey X86J4105 with 64GB eMMC (and without the Windows license). First power on (original power supply) without any M.2 SSD attached went good - it booted into Windows 10. Then I unplugged the SBC from power, attached an NVMe SSD (PNY CS3030 1TB) to the PCIe x4 slot, plugged in to power and booted to a Linux live distribution from USB and the SBC booted fine and I could see the nvme0n1 device correctly. Then I unplugged it again from power, additionally attached a SATA M.2 SSD (Crucial MX300 M.2 1TB) to the SATA M.2 slot, plugged the SBC again to power and it did not power on anymore. I removed the SSDs, tried a different power supply - I cannot get the Odyssey board to power on again. The original power supply delivers the 12V and powers on another SBC that takes 12V, both the NVMe SSD and the SATA M.2 SSD work in another PC fine. The only thing I can see on the Odyssey board is that once I plugin the power supply and attach a network cable on either network jack, the orange LED on the RJ-45 jack lights up as long as the cable is connected and the greed LED blinks.

What’s up with the board? What can I do?

Please help - I have many SBCs since the Raspberry Pi 1(B) including several x86 SBCs (Lattepanda “original” and Alpha, Odroid-H2, Atomic Pi - also used M.2 SSDs and PCIe risers there, where applicable) but never had any problem like this.

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For what it is worth I had nearly the same thing happen to me. I installed Manjaro on an M.2 ssd. Upon reboot the screen quickly flashed with some error and powered off. Since that time the board won’t power on. Not sure how installing Manjaro would brick the board but it did. My board was the version with the emmc installed but disabled. Yes, i removed the SSD. Still bricked.

Hi Dave,

thanks for your posting! That sounds bad, too. Just to clarify: I did not install any OS on the SATA M.2 SSD, I just mounted it physically and wanted to boot from the USB stick again to continue my tests with the M.2 SSDs. From then on the Odyssey board did not power on, even after removing the M.2 SSDs and the USB stick.

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Hi @k.michl @DeveloperDave

Sorry about this, please could provide some pics or videos so that we can have a better picture of the situations.


Hi @ansonhe97

Thanks for your reply! :slight_smile: I have created an unlisted YouTube video. I would prefer not to post it publicly but cannot send you a PM because I am a level 0 user. Could you please send me a PM, so I can reply to it with the YouTube link?

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