Odyssey X86J4105 Antenna Jack Problem

I can’t connect both antennas to my Odyssey X86J4105. It seems the connectors on the antennas are too small. Please advise.


@skywave-rider, You got u.FL connectors like this one right?

its near impossible probably due to quality of the antenna connector. Of the two boards i received one took excessive force with a plastic tool to make it snap in the most recent board did not ever seem to have a solid connect but stayed in place. I wont be surprised if they fall off at some point.

Good luck getting an answer I am still waiting to find out how to get a fan that does not buzz like bee

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Thanks for your replies. I used a spudger tool to try to push down the connector and I gave it as much force as is sane to do. No more. I couldn’t get a great macro shot, but here is a pic of the supplied connector ends on the antennas. I wrote to technical support and I was told to post here and an official engineer from Seeed would respond.

they do seem to be the wrong size, i ended up using some existing antennas from another board that I had

I had a similar problem with mine also. Finally got the two antennas installed by applying pressure and turning the connector left/right until it snapped in place. Hope you get a resolution.

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I do have the same issue. I could not connect the antennas to the board. Tried applying some pressure, but stopped doing it to avoid damaging the board. Desparately looking for some help on this issue. Please do needful.

Thank you for your feedback. We are reporting this bad experience to the company. Have the antenna installed during shipment.

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Thank you for your quick response. Is there any alternative way to use the board without connecting these antennas? Will the blutooth and WiFi work without these installed? I observed no WiFi networks detected without these antennas installed. Any workarounds or suggestions to fix the issue is highly appreciated.

Sorry, there is no other way. This one does require an antenna.

Sadly, these will NEVER connect for two reasons:

  1. The Main connector on the board, and on one of my antennae, are mutilated from repeated attempts to force them together.

  2. The connectors on both the board and on the antennae have central pins that are not recessed in the connectors at all, so there is no way to properly line them up before applying pressure.

This design simply sucks out loud, and by their total lack of response to this problem, Seeed is well aware. They already got my money, no I guess they have no skin in the game.

They will not get any more, unless they properly address this issue, I can assure you.

Here are the mutilated ones for comparison.