Odyssey X86J4105 accessory communication problem

I have already installed and activated the SPI device as described in the WIKI. Unfortunately, the HAT is not always recognized. Commands sent to the HAT are sometimes answered with 0xff. For example, if I run a process in a second terminal (the CPU is under load), 0xff is always sent back. If a response is sent back other than 0xff, there are always 4 bytes 0x00 before the actual response byte. When I start the same program on the Raspberry PI, all requests are answered correctly. Can anyone give me a tip? Does something changed somewhere?

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Hi, pls noted that the 40Pin IO voltage level is 1.8V. Pls double check the hat is compatibled.

That’s wondering me!
I use:
-> https://pi-plates.com/daqcr1/
-> https://pi-plates.com/daqc2r1/
-> https://pi-plates.com/relayr1/

Seed Studio Advertising:

see -> Key Feature
–> Raspberry Pi 40-Pin Compatible

Definition by Raspberry PI


So I use HAT hardware that is made for the Raspberry PI and! works great with the Raspberry PI.
If the product description now says Raspberry PI Compatible 40pin Header, I logically expect that all signals have the same level as with the Raspberry PI. It’s pretty simple. Basically, the effect is not that there is no communication. The first post said it was partly communicating. However, with too many bytes in front of the actual data byte. So one can rather conclude that there is a problem:

  1. is in the operating system
  2. in hardware signal processing is

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