Odyssey X86i51135G7 fan monitoring/control/replacement

  1. Is there any way to monitor and control the CPU fan?
    I’m running Ubuntu, installed lm-sensors but it doesn’t seem to find the sensor for fan header.

  2. I’d like to replace the stock fan with Noctua NF-A9 PWM …of course I’d replace the connector.Will it work?

The package contain a switch cable, you can use it.

@Bruce.Qin OMG, thanks…I didn’t notice that cable.
And what about monitoring the fan metrics in OS level?
I only see RPM, etc. in BIOS, but in OS. :frowning:

You can monitoring the fans speed in AIDA64.

@Bruce.Qin more I was looking for some command line way.
I’m running Ubuntu 20.04.