Odyssey x86 won't install Windows updates

Recently purchased a Odyssey x86 with 128 GB SSD

I have been trying to install Windows updates on the computer, but it either causes a blue screen of death or fails to install the update by throwing error code 0x800736cc or 0x800706be

Trying to install the updates in Safe Mode with Networking also says that some updates could not be applied

During multiple blue screens of death, I have gotten the following error codes:


Running sfc /scannow says “Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix some of them”. Checking the CBS log says that it “cannot repair member file OneDriveSetup.exe” and same issue for “eModel.dll for Microsoft-Windows-MicrosoftEdge”

Running the DISM restorehealth tool in command prompt results in blue screen of death. Running the restorehealth tool in Safe Mode results in error code 0x800f081f “The source files could not be found”. I updated the group policy settings and reinstalled the .NET files as per this website

Running the troubleshooter for Windows Update has not resolved the issue

Trying to reset Windows and wiping everything clean results in a blue screen of death

Resetting Windows from the Advanced Startup results in failure with the message “There was a problem resetting your PC. No changes were made.”

Does anybody have any suggestions of how I can successfully update Windows on this device?

You can install the OS again using original image.

“Re-Installing the Original Windows”

Hi, im getting similar errors. Im trying to reinstall windows as described in the link above. Even that stops with an error message and blue screen of death. None of the Win Re checks are helping and they also stop with similar errors described above

Can you please help ?

Just sent it back and we will replace a new one to you.

Brice, I must start by saying that it is an extremely disappointing experience with Seeed Studio support. After patiently waiting for close to 9 months and paying the import charges etc., I now received an old and used, outdated version J4105 instead of J4125 that I’d returned. See attached picture. I haven’t booted it yet and dont intend to as it is clearly a refurbished and outdated model. Package is all open and the product sent is clearly used and worn out.

I feel cheated and let down and this is completely unacceptable. It just make you guys look very unprofessional and poorly managed.

Online shopping is all about trust and at this point of time, Seeed Studio is just not there with this terrible experience

Appreciate a prompt response and quick action

@sriram.chatty Sorry about that :disappointed_relieved:, I will feed back this mistake right now.

  • Make sure that your device has enough space.
  • Run Windows Update a few times.
  • Check third-party drivers and download any updates.
  • Unplug extra hardware.
  • Check Device Manager for errors.
  • Remove third-party security software.
  • Repair hard-drive errors.
  • Do a clean restart into Windows.

Hope This Helps,