Odyssey x86 sd card reader not working

Hi, I would like to know if there is an option in the bios settings to enable the sd card reader. Or is there us any driver it needs to be installed in order to use the ad card reader. Thanks

@Vlad_Bathory Make sure the card in right socket. :smile:

Hi, I have the same problème when I plug micro-sd (the same picture) in a odysse, windows 10 not pop to information the “micro sd is not inserted” ?? is it compatible windows 10 ? or must install driver port micro sd ?

at the same time , i try with rpi-imager burn "debian 11 iso " and I reboot. When I press F7, i look the enter BIOS, and save/exit , the micro SD is not here ?

@Stephane_Ngov Pls check all the driver is installed then check the card status in disk manager, I think it’s the format problem.