Odyssey x86 - CAN HAT MCP2515

Hello all,

I would be highly interested in getting a CAN HAT working on the Odyssey x86j4105.

The idea would be to use a CAN HAT for RasPi from Waveshare I already own in comibination with socketCAN.

But I’m fully stuck by get it up and running.

Has someone a hint how to proceed? I would really like to give a a try, because I used already an Arduino DUE and ESP32 for CAN a couple of times.

Any hint is welcome! :slight_smile:

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Hello, we are also investigating the possibility of this, not sure if it will be successful.

@strolf I am trying to do literally the same thing, and my team has had about as much success as you!
In addition to the Waveshare CAN hat, we also attempted to use a simple MCP2515 CAN tranciever board (we have had plenty of success interfacing these with arduinos)

We have also attempted to use an OBDII (UART) CAN tranciever with the pi UART headers with no avail.

In the interest of figuring this out, I have a few links that might help you more than they did us:

  1. setting up a UART CAN device with a RPI
  2. Odyssey’s GPIO Documentation (including UART, I2C, and SPI setup and enabling)

My main point of confusion on the last link is why has Seeed provided a whole page on enabling the spi headers on the Odyssey if they are not available for use? If there are any technicians seeing this, we would really appreciate some input!

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What is the status of using a CAN HAT on the Odyssey x86?


I am also interested in using a 2CH CAN-FD HAT with Odyssey-X86J4125.
What is the current status?

Thank you.