Odyssey x86 4125 power

Hi, I was wondering if the board can be powered through the usb c socket using a power bank, and also be connected from time to time to the power adapter. Is there circuitry in place to select the proper power source, or will this scenario fry the board?


You can power the X86 using a power bank, but you need to make sure to use a power bank with USB PD protocol and connect via USB C.

Also, you can seamlessly switch between USB C power and DC power with no issue.

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It does support PD 3.0, and outputs 15V/3A. Does this mean that when I connect power from the supply it will also charge the power bank?

Hi @oviuan ,

Unfortunately, it cannot charge the power bank.

Oh, that’s perfect, I don’t want it to change.
Thanks for the answers lakshan :slight_smile:

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