Odyssey stm32mp157c swd


I am evaluating the STM32MP157C SoM and would like to try out the SWD link on the Odyssey board.

I see there are SWD pads on the board but when trying to connect using a ST-Link-V2, I cannot detect the SoM.

Is there a way to connect to the SoM using ST-Link in STM32CubeIDE ?

Thanks for your answer

The SOM is too small. Please refer to the design document for the specific pins.

On the Odyssey board that I have, there are four exposed pads near the SD card slot. I soldered a pin header to this and used jumper wires to the appropriate pins on the ST-Link.
I don’t have an ST-Link but I am using a J-Link for SWD, so it should be similar. I have connected, J-Link VTref to 3.3V on the Odyssey’s RaspberryPi header. The four pads on the Odyssey I have connected to their matching pins on the J-Link.

Hope this helps.