ODYSSEY – STM32MP157C - enable sysfs-gpio in the standard kernel

The sysfs-gpio kernel module is disabled by default.

There are a lot of libraries depending on sysfs-gpio, it would be nice to have it enabled by default…


They released a kit, but no ports can be used at all. They write that everything is open source, but to the compiled files: stm32mp1-seeed-npi-full-rpi-exp.dtb, stm32mp1-seeed-npi-full.dtb, stm32mp1-seeed-npi-base.dtb
they did not provide the * .dts and * .dtbi source files at all in order to customize them to users needs. All user LEDs are occupied by wifi. They have no examples at all of how to simple control GPIO ports on a 40-pin connector. I tried everything but GPIOs are completely inaccessible. Examples are just those of their Grove HATs that are useless for practical use.