ODYSSEY - No power

I have two seeed ODYSSEY -X86J4105 SBCs.
One has just stopped working. The blue power light is not lighting.
I have swapped the PSU between units so I know it’s no the PSU.
Anyone have any ideas what to do?

@ksn Plug the power then press the power button, wait 5 min then check if it can be work.

Thanks Bruce,
I plugged in the power jack… pressed the power button…waited 5 mins, then pressed the power button again.
Nothing - no blue light, no activity at all on the board.

You can take a try remove the RTC battery and the PSU for a while, replug the battery and PSU then press the button.

If above action not worked, pls help to replace. @ansonhe97

Thanks again Bruce,
That didn’t work.
I’m pretty sure the board is faulty and I’ll try and find a way to send it back to Seeed.
I presume there is some kind of help, that customer support is not just outsourced to a community of customers.