Odyssey J4125 with Node-Red

I’ve installed “Ubuntu Server v20.04.3” and “Node-Red v2.0.0” on my Odyssey Blue J4125.
It seems that the nodes (node-red-node-pi-gpio) to control the Pi GPIO is not working. I’ve installed python3-gpiozero as well because this is required for Ubuntu to communicate with Pi GPIO.

The setup above worked on my “Raspberry Pi 4 Model B” but as Odyssey is a different SBC, this setup doesn’t work. Can anyone assist me on how to make Node-Red communicate with Pi GPIO on Odyssey?

Thanks in advanced.

Hi, you can ref this.

Hi, thanks for the reply. I’ve went through that webpage previously and I can access the GPIO using Python codes.

But is there a nodes that I can install in Node-Red so that it can communicate with the GPIO exactly like node-red-node-pi-gpio does?