Odyssey J4105 - No power up/whinning noise

My J4105 Odyssey no longer powers up after 2 and a half years of good services. It started taking two or three tries until it powered up and the blue light became permanent. At the same time there was a subtle high pitch “whinning” noise. I disconnected the fan, as it’s the only moving part, and the noise continued. It eventualy stopped booting at all (blue light goes on for a sec but never turns permanent) while the noise continues. I think the noise may come from some of the hi frequency switching circuitry used to transform the 12V supply into 5V.

Hi Fred_avlis and Welcome.
AFAIK, any high pitch sounds coming from the switching regulators more than likely due to BAD capacitors. I believe a rash of bad components from cheap importers are in the Wild these days.
I have replaced many Caps in several devices this year.
Time for a RMA # or repair.
GL :slight_smile: PJ

This seems to be a hardware issue. However, since you have been using it for two and a half years and it is no longer under warranty, we cannot provide warranty service. However, we can offer a paid repair option. If you are interested in paid repair, please contact jianjing.huang@seeed.cc. We can provide you with a quotation based on your situation.

Thank you for the advice. I will have to put it on hold, having no/little experience with SMD’s (or proper tools other than a needle pointed soldering iron). I used to be a FSE in the nineties, mostly exchanging boards and modules, but it was always a thrill when you managed to do some component-level repair on the field…

Thank you for the interest and sugestion. It’s nice to know it can be recicled. But for time and money issues, for now, I have decided to buy a more modern cheap N100 SBC. Aliexpress is selling them like hot bread.