Odyssey Grove Projects

While the marketing on this product mentions Grove compatibility there are no examples of this either on the Seeed Studio Wiki or Forum. I would like to see some examples using the Windows 10 configuration as a priority but would also be interested in getting it to work on Ubuntu. Most of the Wiki examples are on the Ubuntu platform and I am interested in more Windows 10 examples.

I would like to use the Grove Base HAT for Raspberry Pi but would like some confirmation that adding Grove modules on this HAT is ok and I would like to see systems diagrams confirming the HAT is correctly orientated. Looks like you have to add some insulation tape to the bottom of the HAT and extra mounting posts for more secure mechanical installation. I previously got this HAT to work with the Jetson Nano and the python Grove library.

There is a single chip microcomputer of samd21 on it, which is programmed entirely with arduino. All the grove can be used on arduino.

Thanks for the answer - anyone reading the specs of the Odyseey would be aware of the existence and use of the SAMD21 - thanks for reminding me but you did not answer my question!

I was asking about the Raspberry Pi interface, Baozhu this is not a SAMD21 interface! Sounds like you are now avoiding any interface project related to this Raspberry Pi interface! OK - here is my answer: add Ubuntu and avoid Windows and use the same procedure as used for the Raspberry Pi and the same libraries. Might try this latter.

@dsrc34 We recommend using the Grove interface on samd21.PI hat is used to provide x86 extensions such as extended CAN bus, RS485 and other industrial buses.

At the moment the “Arduino” Bus on Odyssey is just a simple header and does not support Grove directly. What are your intentions for this bus? Is Seeed going to release a Grove " Arduino Bus" HAT? or do I just connect my Grove devices using Grove - 4 pin Female Jumper to Grove 4 pin Conversion Cable? Any HAT either for the “Arduino Bus” or the “Raspbeery Pi” is unlikely to fit neatly into the ReComputer case. Already my SSD drive has no mechanical support on this case and just hangs - it is even worse for the additional Buses. This is all pointing to a lack of support for either Bus. Why did I purchase this computer?

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1 year after, still no hat for the Arduino 28-pin bus.
Nor for the 40-pin Raspi
Nothing can be done without removing the case

UP !
Please answer to @dsrc34

Why we purchase Odyssey with ReComputer case, if there’s no support and no HAT/BreakOut/Shield for both Arduino 28 pins and Raspi 40 pins connectors ?