Odyssey antannae. How to attach

How does one attach the antennae to the Odyssey?

Do the snap on, or slide on? Sorry, I’m almost 63,
and my eyesight isn’t the best. The cheaters help,
but not enough. (Cheaters, reading glasses 3.25.)


@skou Sorry for inconvenient to you. The antenna snap to the wifi module. I wish I could be there to help you. :woozy_face:
You can reference this video.

How much pressure is required? I am using a small Phillips head screwdriver on the top, and exerting about 40 POUNDS of down force! Almost enough to crack the board!

Which connector is for the wifi antenna, and which is for the 4G? I will NOT be using the 4G, but do not want to crack the board, by installing that antenna.

Is there any way to get these antennae installed at the factory? By someone having eyes, about 40 years younger than mine?

“You can reference this video.”

Or, not. Clicked on the Youtube start button, in the middle of that screen shot,
and it went black. Still is! The stillshot has come back, but it is NOT playing.


Video finally played. That is NOT the connector on my Odyssey!
That one has a slide, that will lock in place, after the connection
is made. Mine doesn’t.

If I crack the board trying to install this, is that covered under warranty?
(I’m rapidly approaching that much down force!)


Just very lite force, may be less than 1 pounds. You need to put the connector on the right posiction then snap in it.