NVIDIA® Jetson AGX Orin™ 64GB Developer Kit getting start up issue

I initially picked the headless configuration since I could not access a monitor immediately. I set it up using oem-config initially using the USB serial. I then decided the tasks I needed to do would be easier using the GUI since I am not strong in Linux command line. I plugged in a monitor but had no luck displaying anything on it. I then ran oem-config-prepare and it said it would rerun OEM_config on boot again. I rebooted, and now I have no monitor and no serial port. What now? I have tried “forced recovery” with the “reset” button while powered, but this does not return serial access or show anything on the display. Thanks in advance for some help, it looks like I might need a little hand-holding. Is there a way to reload the system if I don’t have another linux computer handy? Thanks in advance.

The best way to solve your current problem is to reflash the system. But I’m sorry to tell you that the prerequisite for Jetson’s system is to have a Linux computer.