Number of Designes on PCB

Hi everyone

I have just a question about a point of view that how number of designes on PCB for fusion is defined. I have a HALL sensor design, which includes two grooves for mechanical holding and other pair of grooves beside, which can be broken off, when the first pair of grooves is sufficient for holding. PCB can be seen here So, in my opinion, this board really is just one design, but I do not know how about opinion of fusion. Thanks for all replies. Best Regards Martin Lelek.

Hi Martin,

This is Carmen from the Fusion team. That is a very good question and we understand that this is an annoying rule. However, it’s not so much a “Fusion rule” but the standard pricing rule of the Chinese PCB industry. It can actually save you money for regular PCB orders, but when it comes to small and cheap PCBs ($4.90USD) then that’s when it seems unfair. Blame the industry for being too cheap if you must.

To a CAM engineer just viewing the files, they cannot tell whether your extra PCB is going to be used in the same project or not, and quite frankly, it doesn’t help reduce engineering costs. So they just follow the standard rules (boards separated by v-cuts, slots, drill holes count as different designs). In your situation it is even worse since your second board does not even contain any traces. You can plea to the engineer checking your files, but every case is different and it is ultimately their decision.