nRF54L15 aims to be an upgrade to the nRF52 series with twice the performance and half the Rx power consumption

Nordic nRF54L15 Cortex-M33 wireless MCU halves Rx power consumption over nRF52 chips

Nordic Semiconductor has recently unveiled the 128 MHz nRF54L15 Cortex-M33 multi-protocol wireless microcontroller, the first from the nRF54L Series, and the second from the wider nRF54 family after the more powerful 320 MHz nRF54H20 dual-core Cortex-M33 MCU was introduced last Spring.

While the nRF54H20 was designed to enable new types of IoT devices with a leap in performance and lots of resources with up to 2 MB flash and 1MB SRAM, the new nRF54L15 aims to be an upgrade to the nRF52 series with twice the performance and much better power efficiency, with for instance, half the Rx power consumption over its predecessor.

Nordic Semi nRF54L15 key features and specifications:

  • CPU
    • Arm Cortex-M33 @ up to 128 MHz with up to 1.5 MB Flash + 256 KB SRAM
    • RISC-V coprocessor for “software-defined peripheral”
  • Wireless
    • Bluetooth 5.4 LE with direction-finding, Bluetooth mesh, etc… Ready for future Bluetooth releases
    • 802.15.4 radio for Thread, Matter
    • Proprietary 2.4 GHz up to 4 Mbps
    • -96 dBm RX sensitivity @ 1 Mbps for Bluetooth LE
    • Up to 8 dBm TX power
  • New peripherals
    • Global RTC
    • 14-bit ADC
    • Software-defined peripheral
  • Security
    • Designed for PSA Certified Level 3 IoT security standard
    • TrustZone isolation, side-channel protection, and tamper detection
  • Power consumption – Rx current consumption is half that of the nRF52840
  • Packages – QFN48 (6×6 mm) and WLCSP (2.4×2.2 mm)
  • Manufacturing process – TSMC’s 22ULL (22 nm) process technology

Hay SEEED How about youu guys in Engineering Get off your duff and Use this chip in the Next Xiao Release and Get it Right this time without all the half steps in the current Line, IMO
WE deserve it as Users of this stuff.
For Once be ahead of the Curve & Pack instead of playing catchup to Adafruit and Dfrobot and some others. C’mon MAN Do it, Do it NOW!!! :grin: :crossed_fingers:

link to all the info…
The Future …

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Hay Seeed any comments on this or future plans?

GL:-) PJ

Thank you for the chip selection and reference, I have forwarded your suggestion to our product manager in charge of XIAO, he will carefully consider the plan for the next generation of XIAO. We have always been committed to building XIAO with stronger performance and support for multiple wireless connection methods, which is our goal and direction. I’m sorry I can’t disclose more information because, as you know, it’s sensitive information about the product and the company’s strategy, so thank you again for your suggestions and ideas about XIAO.

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