NRF52840 Sense not taking Micropython

Man, I am screwed. I got a Seeed Studio XIAO NRF52840 Sense, loaded CircuitPython on it. Then - because I’m stupid - I thought I’d re-format the board using the Windows format command. How much harm could THAT do?


  • the board doesn’t show up on reset.
  • When I double-tap the board’s RESET button to get to the Bootloader, I can see the board - XIAO-SENSE - and its default files.
  • When I try to drag the micropython UF2 file into it, the load never completes and the board goes offline again
  • If I try loading CircuitPython to it, no problem.

Anyone know a way I can turn back time?
Windows 11 Home (22H2), AMD Ryzen 9 7900X.

Hi there
Probably nurfed up Bootloader, reflash it use the NRF_desktop, I have heard this b4 so Not that unusual.
GL :slight_smile: PJ