nRF52840 Eddystone TLM Example Code

Hi All,

Does any have any example code for the nRF52840 Eddystone TLM Beacon?

The wiki is full of all the relevant sample code for nRF52840. We cannot help with those that are not on the wiki, and we look forward to other users having relevant examples

Ah’ A little info on the topic, jic

Eddystone-TLM is a frame type in the Eddystone protocol that broadcasts telemetry data about a beacon. This data can include the beacon’s battery status, temperature, and operating voltage.

Eddystone is a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) message format that Google developed for proximity beacon messages. It’s open-source and cross-platform, so it can be used with both Android and iOS.

Eddystone defines four frame types:

  • UID (unique ID)
  • URL (Uniform Resource Locator)
  • TLM (telemetry)
  • EID (Ephemeral ID)

Beacons can use these frame types individually or in combination. For example, Eddystone-URL broadcasts a URL that can be viewed by anyone with a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone.
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