NPi i.MX6ULL SOM for sale

Will seed be selling the NPi i.MX6ULL SOM ?
The NPi i.MX6ULL Dev Board is a really cool product, and we are very interested in it. However, the Dev board is not in a form factor we can use for our products. We would like to why Seed does not sell the SOM itself.

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@support4 We will have special business contact with you, please pay attention to your email.


Hello, I also have the same interest in this NPi i.MX6ULL COM/SOM.

Could you please have the sales team reach out to me?

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Thank you for your attention. I have asked our senior project sales to contact you. @cdutko

Hello Cody,

I have sent you related information of the SOM, please check my email, for any question,you also can contact me at: