NPi i.MX6ULL Parallel LCD recommendations

I found the pinout for the 40-pin FPC connector on the schematic from the wiki, but I haven’t found any compatible displays. Is there an existing Seeed or 3rd-party display that “just works” with the framebuffer interface, is the expectation that users create a daughterboard to convert to their chosen LCD/touchscreen IO, or that users create a daughterboard to convert to HDMI/DVI/VGA connectors?

I’d like to use, for example, this Newhaven display:

www.newhavendisplay dot com/specs/NHD-4.3-480272EF-ATXL-T.pdf

Or this Adafruit one:

cdn-shop.adafruit dot com/product-files/1591/SPEC-CH430WQ01-T_Rev.A.pdf

These displays (and plenty of others on the market) have matching pinouts, but they don’t match the NPi i.MX6ULL FPC connector.

Pin Display Pinout Pin NPi Pinout
1 LED- 1 5V
2 LED+ 2 5V
3 GND 3 3V3
4 3V3 4 3V3
5 to 12 Red0 To Red7 5 GND
13 to 20 Green0 to Green7 6 to 13 Red0 To Red7
21 to 28 Blue0 to Blue7 14 to 21 Green0 to Green7
29 GND 22 to 29 Blue0 to Blue7
30 CLK 30 CLK
33 VSYNC 33 DE
34 DE 34 DISP
35 NC 35 GPIO_8 (“LCD_BL”!)
36 GND 36 GND
37 XRight 37 RESET
38 YDown 38 INT
39 XLeft 39 SDA
40 Yup 40 SCL

i.imgur dot com/FQtUj2B.png

i.imgur dot com/Z02LsHE.png

Is the expectation that I create a daughterboard which (1) converts the resistive touch to I2C, (2) drives the backlight with a boost regulator from the 5V supply, and (3) modulates the brightness over I2C or by PWM on GPIO_8?

Do any such daughterboards already exist for the NPi board? I found this one for the Beaglebone Black:

4dsystems dot com dot au/mwdownloads/download/link/id/284/

which looks like it could be a good branching-off point to either make a super-simple adapter from the NPi headers to the BeagleBone form factor or to use as a baseline to develop something similar for the NPi.

I’m also open to the possibility of creating a daughterboard with a DVI or HDMI transmitter and connector, like an Analog AD9889 or NXP TDA19988, but that intermediate cabling is not necessary for my product and I’d rather go straight to the display with the FFC.

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Thanks for the info, I think I’ll strike out on my own and post here if I get something working.

I did a bit more research and found that the NXP EVK for the processor has a 50-pin LCD connector that’s incompatible because it’s muxed with some of the Ethernet signals for an additional SPI interface. The official NXP display is their part number LCD8000-43T, documentation for that is available under NDA. I think something with just I2C will be workable. It also has a schematic with an SiI9022A HDMI driver, which could also be useful to other users.

Kevin - please let us know what you find out. It seems very odd that the board has a 40-pin LCD connector but that there are no displays. A connection to no-where? That does not make sense.