NOT working Wio Terminal's TFT Screen

I purchased Wio Terminal, and run demo game successfully.
But when I tried to write Hello World sketch that wrote in Wio Terminal Classroom, the TFT screen had not worked.

So to check my Wio Terminal, I wrote a code with serial string when it works.
As a result, my Wio Terminal is working, but TFT has not worked.

What is the solution of this issue?
The “Hello World” sketch is copied sketch of Wio Terminal Classroom, so this situation is unbelievable for me.
I think that the TFT has not broken because the demo game has run.

Please give me a solution.

Is this sketch?
It’s mentioned in Wio Terminal Classroom.
It worked well with my Wio Terminal.

Feel free to tell me more detail about your problem.

Thank you for your reply.

I wrote this code to my Wio Terminal, and it wasn’t worked.

But I tried to erase the “TFT_eSPI” library and install “Seeed_Arduino_LCD” library, then it worked.

So this issue is caused by the “TFT_eSPI” library that is not supported Wio Terminal.
The library is installed from Arduino IDE’s library manager.
It was very similar (rather, almost the same), but it caused this probrem.

Therefore, I alert to everyone when using Wio Terminal’s TFT screen, don’t include “TFT_eSPI” library from Arduino IDE.
Using default or “Seeed_Arduino_LCD” library or LovyanGFX.

Thank you.