Not happy with my dso v3

Just about impossible to upgrade the stupid thing…to BenF 3.64…just about ready to take a 5 pound sledge to the stupid piece of crap
what a freakin waste of money… :imp:

The stock software doesn’t work, the boot loader is incompatible with windows xp…load stuff on the virtual drive while in bootloader mode…hex’s turn in to rdy switch off re boot goes back to original…and the virtual drive is blank and no upgrade or benf…i am now freakin bald…and i started with a afro…why is it people put this shit out and take your money when they know freakin well it ain’t going to work…just no recourse other than to slag their product every chance I get…piece of crap…better of with the Iphone/ipad oscilloscope kit … money better spent…

Hey @ric_chin,

My name is Liao and I am the marketing director at Seeed. I am sorry for the inconvenience caused. There were quite lots of faults on DSO Nano v3 need improvement. Your feedback is really useful. I will talk to our engineer and work out a solution ASAP.

If you are not satisfied with current one, please let me know and i can issue a refund if you like. Sorry again for the bad experience. We will continue to improve our products and service.

Leslie Liao

Dear Liao,

There is a lot of confusion because apparently Seeed has been shipping many different versions of the DSO Nano under the same product names. For instance the latest “V2” units came with a new firmware update boot loader, so the old firmware files would not work. The community eventually found out how to deal with this, without any help from Seeed. Now the latest “V3” products, and even some sold as “V2”, have a new LCD controller so the older firmware is not compatible any longer. All these changes came without any notice from your part, the specifications on your store “Depot” were not updated, and the specifications in the Wiki were also not updated.

Most users expect to run the “BenF” firmware on their devices, which is considered widely superior to the stock firmware. Since the hardware has changed in the last shipped DSO Nano units, this firmware won’t work on them. Maybe your company should try to approach “BenF” in order to have his firmware support the new models you are shipping. Also supporting the community in their efforts to port the open-source firmware to these new models would be very welcome. Please see viewtopic.php?f=22&t=4823

Best regards,