not delivered on time? anyone else

I was excited about the price and time frame offered for the proto servce. I have a very very tight schedule and have been looking for an efficient places to use.

I placed the order on Oct 6th and now it is Oct 15th and the pcbs have still not been marked as shipped. This is definitely not the 3-4 day service as advertised. Is it just because China is backlogged after the holliday?

Anyone else have delivery time issues?

On my last order I uploaded the gerbers the 14th. Then on the 16th they were send off for production. They were shipped at the 22’nd and traceable the 23’rd. I also received them by DHL on the 23’rd.

Most of my PCB orders have been like this. One or two days at Seeed before being sent to production. Production for 4-6 days (they only count workdays, not weekends). And one day of DHL delivery (China->Malaysia).

In case it helps, I detailed the turn-around time to the east coast of the USA on my blog here, including the tracking updates (or lack thereof):

The second order was also exactly 21 days from placing the order to receiving it. The production time was a couple days longer, and the time in transit was a couple days shorter. For the most recent order, the status was “Processed Through Sort Facility at Hong Kong” basically until it arrived at my door.

Exceptional results on this second order as well – this time 2-sided and designed with KiCAD instead of Fritzing.