Non blocking bluetooth or BLE

Hello everybody,
for my project I need to either connect the linkit one with an android device per bluetooth or use bluetooth low energy. It seems that the current version of the SDK does not support the BLE feature. Is there any way I can connect the linkit one to the android but non blocking?

In my first experiment the linkit one ran as a server and accepted incoming connections, but I had to provide a timeout. In this time, the linkit one blocks completely. Is there any way to do kind of threading?

My goal is to send a 6 digit number from the android device to the linkit one. I thougt the easiest way to do this is to set the friendly name of my android to something like “LINK123456” and then just scan for the devices. But unfortunately, I also have to provide a timeout which is not acceptable in my environment.

I hope somebody can help.

Sincerly, Nico.