Noise problem with Respeaker 2-MIC board and Xavier NX

We are considering the Respeaker 2-MIC board in one of our products. We are planning to purchase thousands of boards in coming years. Right now we are facing severe noise on the recorded audio. Can some one from seeedstudio advise us on how to address these issues

We have interfaced the Respeaker 2-Mic board to a Xavier NX. We use this driver

(1) We have managed to get some usable audio from Respeaker board if we use 32-bit 32KHz audio. Sample recording is shared here

However, the noise remains very high for any practical application. We would want to get rid of the brackground noise. Do you have any recommendation on how to handle it best.

(2) If we use 16-bit format, the noise is terrible. Sample recording is shared here

Any idea what is causing the SNR to be so low in case of 16-bit audio. Anything we can update in the alsactl config to address this issue?

(3) Strangest of issue is seen with 48KHz sample rate. We get some tonal noise in this case. Sample recording is shared here

Any idea what could be causing such a strange noise centred around specific frequencies?