Node + Firmata + Serialport on Seeeduino Cloud

How can I install node.js and firmata (+ serialport) on the Seeduino Cloud? To my knowledge this is possible on the Yun.
Best, thx!!

Seeeduino Cloud is similar to YUN. The same method on YUN can be used on Cloud too.Please check the following link … l-node-js/ for detailed instructions.

Hi. Node is not available as package in the current Seeeduino Cloud packages list so “opkg install node” doesn’t work. Changing the package repo to point to Yun packages didn’t work for me because I think there was a signature mismatch. What package repo shall I use in /etc/opkg.conf ?
Also how can serialport be installed if it requires compiling for this specific arch and there’s no gcc on the Seeduino Cloud? (serialport is installed via “npm install serialport” once you installed node but it performs a compulation hence it will fail). Firmata requires a working serialport node package.
Best, thx for your answer.