No XBee -> Stalker data, when UartSBee attached


I am using 2 stalkers with XBee series 1 in API mode. It seems that when the UartSBee is attached, the mote can send data to the XBee but cannot receive data from the XBee

In my program, mote 1 sends packets at 1s intervals and mote 2 toggles the LED when it receives a packet. Here’s what happens when I attach the UartSBee to:

  1. the receiver but not the sender: the LED is never toggled.
  2. the sender but not the receiver: the LED toggles
  3. both the receiver and the sender: the LED toggles
  4. neither the receiver nor the sender: the LED toggles

In addition, on another arduino-based mote, I can see that the program gets a response from the XBee even when a USB is attached. e.g. if i send an API frame, i get a reply from the XBee. But on the stalker, i never seem to get any reply from the XBee.

How do I get the serial data from the XBee even when a UartSBee is connected? I need this because it will make debugging much easier…

We design this to be sure, when Bee inserted, we can upload sketch with UartSBee.
You can try add 2 4.7k resistor in UartSBee(toggle to 3.3v, stalker work with battery) TX and RX line -->to Stalker RX and TX.


Thanks Albert.

Can you explain more about the design and how it works to allow uploading sketches with Bee inserted? I am not very familiar with hardware.

Also why is it that adding the resistors may fix the issue?