No tracking number since 27 july for sensecap m1 order

Hi, all people got their tracking number except me, i have email seeed support and no help i got,
I just neeed to know what’s the problem since my order is confirmed and everything is okay plus i didn’t order antenna withe the hotspot.

I’m having the same issue here. Ordered mine on 7/30/21 for that coupon code raffle they had. Not shipped yet.

I did order 2 antennas which are on backorder it seems, but I rather get that refunded or pay separately to get the hotspots to me ASAP. Have you gotten any response from them yet?

Hi @Khodormezher, this is Lily from Seeed Community team. Thanks for reaching out to us. Regarding your order and customer service inquiry, could you please send your request to our official channel In this way, the customer service team can get back to you directly and efficiently. Thank you again for your support.