No rule to make target error trying to build LoRaWAN_End_Node

I am getting a “No rule to make target” error when I try to build LoRaWAN_End_Node using STM23CubeIDE using the repo and instructions from GitHub - Seeed-Studio/LoRaWan-E5-Node using Ubuntu 20.04. The full error message is:

make: *** No rule to make target ‘/home/nedhorning/AMNH/TurtleTracker/EcologicalEnterprises/STM32Cube/STM32Cube_FW_WL_V1.1.0/Middlewares/Third_Party/LoRaWAN/LmHandler/NvmCtxMgmt.c’, needed by ‘Middlewares/LoRaWAN/LmHandler/NvmCtxMgmt.o’. Stop.

Does anyone have an idea what I can do to fix the problem? I found different versions of NvmCtxMgmt.c but and the one I tried threw many more errors.


im getting the same problem.

when i installed STM32Cube_FW_WL_V1.1.0 appear the problem…

when I installed STM32Cube_FW_WL_V1.0.0 , the compilation had no errors.