No reply from customer service, order not delivered

I ordered and paid for some Bazaar parts and Fusion PCBs about 3 weeks ago. We are still waiting for the parts from the Bazaar and order status still shows as ‘processing’, with no further information as to why there has been such a long delay.
I have sent messages twice using the “contact customer service” form at … er_service, but had no reply at all.

The Fusion PCBs we ordered were built and delivered promptly, with very good communication on the order’s progress as usual. I am amazed that it’s taking longer to ship off-the-shelf parts as compared to building custom PCBs, and am disappointed that the Bazaar does not seem to have the same level of customer service as Fusion.

If anyone from customer service is reading this, the order number is 207790. Any help would be appreciated.

Update: customer service has since replied to me and apparently there was a mix-up regarding whether or not one of the Bazaar items I had ordered was in stock. Apparently the order has shipped today.

I appreciate the help but it would have been good to have better communication / faster replies. Thanks.