No PlatformIO support for XIAO ESP32-S6?

I’ve ordered some of these to use in a project built on PlatformIO on Microsoft Visual Studio.

I don’t see this processor in the list of choices for Seeed XIAO. What is the story here?

Thank you

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LOOK again, b4 you blink it’s out there. :grinning:
Espressif 3.00 RC1 via the wiki, Search for PLIO.INI and espressif it IS supported.
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This update might help also;
Installing - - — Arduino ESP32 latest documentation (

We currently have this plan in progress. Once Espressif merges our C6, PlatformIO is expected to release an update shortly. Please stay tuned and await its arrival :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.

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Any news on this? I have my dozen chips and couldn’t make them work based on internet searches.

I’d say you damage your brand when you release things that can’t be used. Why not wait until support is there?

The biggest thing I wanted out of this was the built-in antenna and additional compute power.


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I wouldn’t rely on the internet, first mistake, Espressif has a forum and Blog on the S6 it is supported by PLIO , works fine. The Seeed Brand is Perfectly sound, cutting edge devices and support. No spoons though. :index_pointing_at_the_viewer:have to do the work.
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Check the link and you’ll be good. :v:

My first mistake is relying on the internet, then you suggest I follow an [omitted] link. I’ll let my second mistake be posting anything on this forum.

Guess I’ll put these on the shelf and check back every 6 months or so as I use a competitor’s product in the meantime, sigh.

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link is in the previous post, no matter. You’ll never figure it out.
BYE :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :v:
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Not with your “help”. Lock yourself back in the cage. I hope you officially represent Seeed, you’ve lost face

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With that attitude :face_with_hand_over_mouth:, You’re just lazy or you can’t read. AFAIK ! You were told it’s in PLIO hands… but that’s not good enough for you or something. No need to knock Seeed, the support even explained that to you.
You can make it work if you read and learn how plenty have , you see NO one is going to spoon feed you is all. ask nicely without a lot of …
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ps. No I don’t work for seeed, Don’t need too :v:

Hello @MaMikee , I am the official technical support from Seeed.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused. We would like to provide the following explanations regarding your concerns:

  1. During the initial product promotion and release period, Seeed never made any announcements stating that the product would definitely support Platform IO. Platform IO was not emphasized in our promotional materials.

  2. Our engineering team has already submitted a Pull Request (PR) to Platform IO, and the exact timeline for its implementation depends on the confirmation from Platform IO. Seeed has made multiple reminders and notifications.

  3. As far as we know, currently, besides the esp’s own c6 development board, there are no third-party development boards that support Platform IO.

We are not neglecting the relevant support; it is already in progress. We greatly appreciate your valuable feedback and thank you for your patience during this process.

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