No output in Serial Monitor

I uploaded the blink example to make sure I’m communicating with my LinkIt One. All good. Then I uploaded a simple serial monitor test:

void setup() {


void loop() {
Serial.println(“testing …”);


But I get no output in the Serial Monitor.


After uploading code, please change the COM port to Modem Port for interacting with the Serial Port using terminal. Please read this page for more information :

Thanks and Warm Regards.

Ok, I have two serial ports listed, Com3 is the one I used for uploading, so com4 must be the “modem port”. I changed the active port in the Arduino IDE to Com4, and then clicked serial monitor. Still no output. Do I have to flip any switches?


I checked my device manager, com3 is the modem port, same port I used for uploading. Still no serial output.

I have the same problem.
After uploading I select the Model port and still nothing.

void setup()
Serial.begin( 9600 );

void loop()
Serial.println( “TEST” );
delay( 1000 );

I tested with both COM ports, and with different speeds. Nothing comes on the Modem port :frowning:

Arduino IDE 1.6.7

Please try using it with Arduino IDE version 1.6.5.
Your code works without any errors in this version of IDE.