No HDMI audio output after restart

Hi, I have a ReSpeaker 4mic Array on my Raspberry Pi 3 Model B, running the latest version of Raspbian, connected to a TV using HDMI.

I have the ReSpeaker set up according to the instructions from <LINK_TEXT text=“ … pberry_Pi/”></LINK_TEXT> and it works great.

Before I installed the ReSpeaker, I was using the TV (tv speakers) connected to the Raspberry as default audio output (sudo raspi-config>Advanced options>Audio>Force HDMI) and it was working perfectly.

After I installed the ReSpeaker my default audio is set to Analog. If I manually change the audio output to HDMI it works great (both mic and output) but after I restart the Pi, the audio output is back to Analog.

Is there a way to have my default audio output set to HDMI ? (so I won’t need to set it up manually after every restart)

I reinstalled everything several times but this problem persists.

Can you please help me find a way to solve my problem and have default audio output as HDMI?

Thank you,


Hi there:

In some rare cases, it is necessary to edit config.txt to force HDMI mode (as opposed to DVI mode, which does not send sound). You can do this by editing /boot/config.txt and setting hdmi_drive=2, then rebooting for the change to take effect.

<LINK_TEXT text=“ …”></LINK_TEXT>