I send Gerber files created the same way like any of my previous orders but someone contacted me with conclusion that design have multiple errors. I just know that there are no errors in design because I checked 20 times and it is the almost the same design you produced 2 times for me, only 4 nets are changed. Now, after that mail I m trying to contact someone and I have send even simplified design but still 8 days no reply. Now I m in situation that I m unable to finish anything because my deadline was today. I know that you have lot of work to do but for 8 days you could provide me some information what was wrong with the design and why you can’t produce it. Now status of my order is in the production but I don’t know what is in the production and why there is noone to reply any of my mails. Every time I used your service I received reply on my mail in matter of hours and now I don’t know what to do.

Dear customer, we have transfer your file to our engineer and he will check it again, if really there is no problem with it, we will manufacture it as soon. apologize for the delay.

Thank you for the reply, and I have received mail also but again problem. I was on holiday and send mail to you to stop production for 4 days until I come back home to investigate problems in my design and someone from your service told me that production will be stopped until I provide new Gerber files for investigation. Today I found where problem was and went to see status on my seeedstudio profile and noticed that my PCB is produced and shipped ??? Even if we agreed that production should be stopped until I found problem. Now I have no idea what to do and what did you produce? You send me 3 or more mails telling me that my design can’t be produced because there are errors in *.GTL file. I told you that I don’t have money to place new order because this order was financed by forum donations. Now I even have tracking number of my shipment waiting for something… Your engineer told me to confirm errors and I said that is almost the same design like two ones you produced for me earlier without any problems so I didn’t expect any problems so I went to holiday. Engineer then told me that he will stop production until I come back and you didn’t stop the production. What now ?

Few days ago I received my PCB’s and it seems that someone from your service did amazing job regarding design. You corrected my errors and produce it in perfect condition :slight_smile: I want to thank you for this and since I m beginner sorry for those errors.