No connection to Dragrove

Hi at everybody.

I have bought a Dragrove directly from seeedstudio.
I wanted to connect but it doesn´t works.

The AP does not have a SSID or a wlan. Also I can´t connet via WIFI.

I have connect the Dragrove via 100Mbit ethernet to my network…
via DHCP - no new IP adress via IP Scan program
via static IP ( Network, my PC was x.x.x.2) on a switch and no router connection, IP Scan - than no new IP adress
via static IP and cross over cable and the adress -than no new IP adress

What can I do to connect to Dragrove?

Only 2 LEDS are blinking LED power and LED heart.

Thanks for answering

Greetings from Germany

You can post it to … er_service

Seeed will solve it for you.