NFR v ESP32 BLE Cost

Why is the cost of a XIAO NRF BLE with on board antenna 2x the cost of a XIAO ESP BLE that also has WIFI?
I have intention of using the NFR BLE for a mass produced product, now that I have success with 2 talking to each other, but wonder if I would have the same sucess with the XIAO ESP but at half the cost?
Much appreciated for any input.

Hi there,
I think you mean the " NRF or Nordic based BLE mcu VS. The Espressif ESP32 Series.
This is an age old question. You do realize they are different MCU’s One is a RISC cpu the other is NOT, One has more ram and the LOW’est power consumption in the industry.
Lot’s of reasons. Depending on the application there are even less expensive ways to do BLE communications between two nodes.
The Nordic part is evolved through many iterations, The ESP chips less so with BLE and WIFI.
bottom line is the SLeep power consumption.5 uA. is hard to beat!
GL :slight_smile: PJ :v:

Do not confuse price and cost.

Price is what you pay, while cost includes that price plus all the collaterals (documentation, examples, support) that save you time and effort.