🕵 NFC, WiFi, BLE it's all in there, Security for your Gear! Tracking & Notifications. Google and Alexa!

:male_detective: It’s all in there.
This is a culmination of 3 years of R&D and a lot of caffeine and chocolate. 2 Lawyers, 3 Patents and many miles traveled and a few Demo’s.

You can’t throw a rock near a Studio, a Video Shoot or even YouTube creator. Not a Rental House or Folks just seeing the sites traveling and wanting to capture images and share video,
without a Story of someone losing or having their gear Stolen. It’s a MULTI-Million dollar Real Thing…
Check out Rental Guard

The industry moves too fast to do anything about it, So after hearing a story of a Fellow who’s business almost went under, when Thieves Stole two sets of Cinematography lenses costing more than $500K each set. (they were insured) but funny business with paying the claims is another feature film on it’s own. So I now have Chubb, Allianz and Taylor & Taylor. Knocking on my Emails the 3 biggest Insures of Professional gear on the planet. I made pilgrimage to Zeiss, ARRI and Cooke as well as a planned trip to RED Digital Next. It’s ridiculous they manufacture, make and sell the equivalent of a SuperCar in value (think Ferrari, or Mclaren without any Locks or Security.) notice the KeyFob gag… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Yea, I worked that in " Ours comes with a KeyFob" LOL my drop the microphone demo Spiel Closer. :microphone:
Some say necessity is the mother of invention. The factory only provides a Dust Cover for a Lens cap, So I set out on making something MORE! WAY MORE!
You can Too!
GL :slight_smile: PJ

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Is those your real dogs?

You got a message sounds like battlestar galactica

The problem is you have to send private security to recover the gear, because if you tell the cops lora showed you where your gear is… they thibk lora is a crackhead you found down the street… and they ant gonna do nothing IMO

Indeed they are, Beagle’s One Lemon “Curly Joe” and “Mrs Beasley” Tri-color
My 2 kids, and 4 cats.
GL :slight_smile: PJ

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Is Chubb the guy from happy gilmore?

I wish you well! Send me some links on how to get in the wifi bluetooth game… if you got any good articles or youtube vids… keep in mind i cant even make a tft screen work… but i will one day…

Hi there,
Somewhat true, It’s all in WHO and How you go About it. We have, not me but the Authorities have Retrieved some gear, and I myself retrieved a Camera Bag at Last years NAB in Vegas that was lifted from a table, with all sorts of gear in it and Luckily a 2nd prototype was in there.
When I made it Ring the perpetrator dropped it and I saw him RUN like the wind. Security got his MUG on video. So case in point. This Idea and hardware is like having EYE’s in the Back of your head.
this is the older rev 1 units,
The Newer has the BLE and IMU and Buzzer for instant alert, You can set it to HIGH and if you tap the table it’s on it will go off, I paired it with a BLE GIGANTIC speaker and when it goes off the whole neighborhood knows. Add in the benefit of “DROP” detection and moisture intrusion or fall capabilities, it protects against shipping damage or a rental mis-handling a unit being dropped and returned with out any notice. NOT anymore…
Restricts anyone from picking it up or using it without your consent and Unlock code. You can use a NFC card or App on the phone as well.
I will put out more as I can about it time permitting.
Stay frosty.
GL:-) PJ

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Hi there,
Thanks, Yea I would tell you this The best BLE is Nordic Period, for power vs. power consumption.
Using Xiao Nrf52840 BLE first was the best course to embark on, ALL the BLE stuff is on Arduino and PLIO, extra more RF modes, like mesh and Skatter RF use the SDK. Once that is understood then add the SENSE version. this way all the code base is the same and moves over You just add the IMU capabilities and the PDM mic. Real smooth progression. same MCU (M4) and you get introduced to I2C and and speed of buss effects and SPI right off the bat. SEEED will come with one of the next Gen in the 54 series, the RISC stuff not enough juice IMO, Clock speeds or Ram speeds with esspressoif :stuck_out_tongue: for the level of AI seeed aspires to achieve.
You notice how it’s a jetson or kinda basic LLM’s only. waste of time, the cameras kinda suc LOL so better to use a IPcam with pan-tilt-Zoom and high resolution. even the vision ai V2 thing has a different MCU still deficient though only for there demos is ok.
Check out the nordic Dongle too, $9 makes BLE a piece of cake. power profiler if your doing battery real dependant stuff or don’t have a logic analyzer or O-scope. Less than $100 on sale

The basic NFC stuff ( Xiao as a TAG ) can be used as you see to trigger smarter devices to do useful stuff. None of the esspressoif can doit without more hardware. I would argue the Xiao Nrf has more to offer than the Risc stuff, without a lot of external support. It is also more mature software and firmware base. But “No WiFi you would say” well they have it on another very small chip. perfect for another “Inverted sandwich board” with a fuel gauge chip next to it. Talk about the Whole enchilada that would be WOW. :star_struck: May have to work it in the next rev pc board.
GL :slight_smile: PJ